Need to Save Money? Or find a way to make what you spend go further?

Want to find a way to make what you spend go further?

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This is a genuine opportunity to make your money go further –  just Provide details to be contacted  

Sometimes it is the littlest things which make the biggest differences!

5 Quick tips for the winter – Food for Thought, Food for Thought

  1. Food – if it is not essential for health/growth, consider cutting back or cutting it out altogether.
    1. Try popping corn instead of buying expensive crisps / bagged corn.
    2. Look for the “own label” items which are often less than 1/2 the price.
    3. Sodas have no nutritional value.  Have them as a special treat rather than everyday.
    4. Sugar – consider cutting out as a big bang – it can be done.  Switch to sweet vegetables instead – carrots, parsnips, turnips are far healthier options.
  2. In the kitchen – consider cooking ahead to reduce the cost of cooking.
  3. Use LED light bulbs.
  4. Rather than turn on the heating, wear layers, including robes, socks and slippers, cuddling up to a hot water bottle under a fleece.  Make it fun!
  5. Time though showers to 5 minutes or less – it can be done!